Credit Investment Fund

Our Business

Mortgage - Provide a personalized first and second mortgage, including: residential, tenement house, New Territories small house, village houses, retail, industrial, office, carpark etc.
Personal Loan
Remortgage on Public House and HOS
SME Loan - Mortgage revolving loan, installment loan, credit loan, term loan, project financing, trade financing etc

Internal Risk Control

Risk Management

Good Credit History

  • Repayment of a single loan may not overdue 2 months in the past 12 months or accumulated overdue shall not exceed 8 times
  • Classification of information
  • No record of credit-block or bad debt (unless bank issues clearance certificates before lending)
  • No record of illegal or criminal offences, classified as dishonest person or pending litigation.

Good Repayment Capacity

  • Request information of liabilities, proof of income & cash flow, business conditions
  • Provide sufficient proof of repayment ability

Good Credit Rating

  • Central bank’s credit report, current borrowings, court executions and filings
  • Evaluate the credit risk of borrowers by verifying whether they are on blocklist, frequency of borrowing, overdue etc